We have become aware that several financial institutions in the area have had consumers report fraudulent ATM withdrawals from their accounts. We have had some members report suspicious ATM activity on their account and are working with them to correct any transactions that may have occurred.

We recommend that you review your accounts regularly. If you find any suspicious activity or transactions, please contact us (813) 879-3333 of (800) 528-3330. If it is after regular business hours, please call the number on the back of your card.

Helpful tips to protect yourself and your accounts when using your card at an ATM:

Please use ATMs:

·         At institutions or companies you are familiar with.

·         That are in highly visible areas and are well lit.

·         That are in good condition.

Look for anything suspicious on the machine especially around the keypad or area where you insert your card. If anything looks added, such as a skimming device, or out of place do not use the machine and let the financial institution or company know.

When in doubt, find another ATM.