Since we’ve spent over 60 years growing and developing in this great community, we understand the unique needs, challenges, opportunities, and thrills that come with living in our beautiful state better than anyone. That’s why we’re able to provide premier products and services designed to help you live your best Florida life.

Whether you’re a Florida native, transplant, or snowbird, young or more experienced, we’ll provide expert financial guidance that will help you navigate and succeed.

We’re Different, and You’ll Love It!

We’re not like a traditional bank! Floridacentral is a not-for-profit, member-owned, financial cooperative. But what do those things mean for you? Here's how we're different and why you'll love it.

We're Not-for-Profit

We focus on serving our members rather than maximizing profits, and the money we earn goes back to benefiting our members.

Benefits: You can enjoy better rates when you save and borrow and lower fees.

We're Member-Owned

Our members are our owners, so we don't answer to outside shareholders.

Benefits: We make decisions and operate in a way that will always be advantageous to our members and our community. With ownership comes power! You can have a say and even volunteer as a member of the Board of Directors and other committees.

We're a Financial Cooperative

Our members enjoy a rewarding community approach to finances, pooling together their resources to get the financial products and services they need.

Benefits: You will feel valued for your contribution to our strength and resilience. You’ll make strides towards a brighter financial future since you’ll have access to competitive rates, lower fees, and personalized service tailored to your needs.

Our History

Our credit union was born and raised in the state of Florida. Our story begins in 1958. Back then, we were called Tampa Central Credit Union, and we served as the credit union for other credit unions.

Eventually, we expanded our "field of membership" to allow employees of specific companies to access the benefits of membership at our credit union, and we changed our name to Florida Central Credit Union.

Floridacentral Credit Union now serves over 50,000 members and over 1,000 Select Employee Groups with 12 branch locations. Although the look and feel of our credit union has evolved, our goal has been and always will be to create the best banking experience for our members.

We love the Sunshine State and are deeply connected to our local communities, so attentive and personalized service has become our trademark. As you navigate through the enchanting landscapes of Florida, remember that Floridacentral is not just a place to manage your money – it's a community that welcomes you. We warmly invite you to experience the Floridacentral difference for yourself!

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