The traveling season is right around the corner! For those of you traveling soon, here are a few tips from Floridacentral Credit Union to prepare yourself.

  • Notify Floridacentral Credit Union in advance that you will be traveling by completing this online Travel Form. We will need to know your travel dates and destinations to help prevent interrupted use of your Floridacentral debit and/or credit card(s).
  • Make sure you know the numbers to call if your card gets lost or stolen.
  • Lost/Stolen Debit Card: (888) 918-7847
  • Lost/Stolen Credit Card: (800) 449-7728
  • Always take more than one form of payment with you when traveling. Some countries are limited in transactions or are even blocked due to a high volume of credit card fraud in those areas. Having more than one form of payment ensures your ability to make purchases.
  • Keep your cards in a secure place while traveling and when you reach your destinations.