Want to add a no-cost fringe benefit to your benefit package? Become a Select Employee Group of Floridacentral Credit Union.


What is a Select Employee Group?

A Select Employee Group (SEG) is any organization that offers the services and benefits of Floridacentral Credit Union to its employees. Many organizations are surprised to find that they can extend credit union membership to their employees at no cost.

Founded in 1958 and currently boasting over 1,000 SEGs and 50,000 members, Floridacentral has long specialized in supplying credit union services to the state's industries and their employees.

Happier, More Loyal Employees

You can substantially increase the value of your benefits package by offering your employees membership in the credit union. Studies have shown that credit union membership as a Select Employee Group can lead to happier, more loyal employees. Membership at Floridacentral gives your employees convenient access to a full line of financial products and services that will save them both time and money. We typically offer better rates than other financial institutions, without the high fees. And the best part is that it doesn't cost you one cent to provide our services.

Become a SEG

Becoming a SEG is easy.  There are no contracts, fees, or minimum participation requirements. Once set up as a SEG, employees of the organization can use Floridacentral as much or as little as they need.  We also work with your human resources department for new hire orientation, benefits meetings, and other employee resource events as needed.

If you are interested in enhancing your employee benefits package, and wish to become a Select Employee Group, please call or email us at [email protected] or (813) 879-3333 ext. 6183 to get started.