Love being a Floridacentral member? Tell your family and friends, and get paid!

We love it when our members have great things to say about us, so we offer a referral bonus to show our appreciation. That's right! You can earn $25 each time you refer a friend to Floridacentral.

How It Works

  1. Tell a friend about Floridacentral Credit Union.
  2. Your friend becomes a member by opening their account in person or online.
  3. You complete the "Refer a Friend" form at a branch or online within 30 days.
  4. You get $25 when qualifications are met.*

Online Form

Submitting your referral is easier than ever with our online Refer a Friend form. Simply complete the form within 30 days after your friend has joined the credit union.

View Form

*The referring member must complete this referral form within 30 days of the new account opening. The incentive will be deposited into the referring member's savings account at least 45 days after the account has been opened. Both members must be in good standing. Incentives are processed twice a month. The recipient of the incentive will receive a 1099 INT form at the end of the year in which the credit is given.