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Six Ways to be a Great Boss


Six Ways to be a Great Boss

Learn to be a better leader with these tips:

Communicate clear vision

Share your long- and short-term goals for the company as well as your expectations for each of your employees. The more they know, the easier it will be for them to consistently perform well.

Connect visions to tasks

A great boss assigns tasks and projects that are directly connected to their vision for the company. This way, the employees know exactly how their work is helping the company achieve its goals.

Provide consistent and specific feedback

Employees won’t know when you’re pleased with their work or when you’ve expected better — unless you tell them. Feedback can be as simple as a casual compliment on an accomplishment or within official performance reviews. Just make sure to highlight specific tasks and projects the employee has done well, or areas in which they can improve.

Be approachable

The big boss needs to command respect, but a great boss knows how to maintain a level of distance while still being approachable. If you’ve got the respect of your team, don’t hesitate to ask team members about their family, vacation plans and the like.

Value employees’ opinions

A great leader knows that everyone has a unique perspective and each employee can offer valuable insight and ideas on how to help grow the business. Be sure to take everyone’s opinion into account when seeking ways to improve your business operations and delivery.

Recognize and reward excellent performance

Every employee needs to feel valued and appreciated. As the team leader, your words of affirmation and recognition of a job well done go a long way. Be sure to let your employees know when you feel they’ve done a great job in any area and to reward exceptional performance with promotions, raises and bonuses. You’ll be paying it forward by motivating the entire team to up their game.

Follow the tips outlined above to be a great boss who leads a great team.


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